Cubículos Certifiado - Uso abrigado DOPPLER DOPPLER EQUIPAMETOS
Certified Switchgears
Up to 36kV - 40kA
Indoor Use

Certified Switchgears are extremely robust equipment for industrial use. They are assembled and tested in the factory for voltages up to 36 kV and were developed to meet the stringent internacional standards IEC 62271-200, IEC 60298 and 61694, without losing the ease of assembly, maintenance and operation, as well as the flexibility to adapt to the different characteristics required by the market.

IAC-LSC2A-PI classification according to IEC 62271-200

Cubículos Certifiado - Uso ao Tempo DOPPLER EQUIPAMETOS
Certified Switchgears
Up to 36kV - 40kA
Outdoor Use

Certified Switchgears, with the addition of an extremely safe metallic enclosure. The enclosure protects all low and medium voltage equipment inside the cubicles from the weather while maintaining its functional characteristics and temperature rise standards and protection against internal arc, for example.

The addition of the weather kit allows us to obtain a degree of protection up to IP54.

With IAC-LSC2B-PM classification (IEC 62271-200) continuity of service is guaranteed and it may be used as a primary or secondary solution

Cubículos Compactor de Média Tensão DOPPLER DOPPLER EQUIPAMETOS

Compact Switchgears up to 36kV and currents up to 1250A have great ease and safety of operation, in addition to the reduced installation space due to their reduced dimensions.
Certified in national and international laboratories, the Compact Cubicles are modular and their modularity allows to adapt to the diverse needs of our customers - such as modules with circuit breaker, fuse disconnect switch, measurement, etc.

IAC-AFLR-LSC2A-PI classification according to IEC 62271-200

Compact Switchgears
Up to 36 kV - 16kA
Main Distribution Switchboards (MDSB)
Up to 6.000A

A Main Distribution Switchboard (MDSB or MDSG), is a system that has the purpose of power feeding and protecting electrical systems such as MCC’s, Distribution Boards and Automation Panels. They consist of self-supporting metal cabinets, which can be manufactured to Form 2, 3 or 4 construction and fully type tested as per IEC 61439-1.

Our MDSBs are designed for both withdrawable & fixed versions and rated up to 6000A and up to 690V according to customer needs on different applicable occasions, the cabinet can be installed with a variety of models and component specifications.

Distribution Panels
Lighting, Automation,
Capacitors bank.

Doppler has the right panel for your application. With an extensive line of panels for distribution, lighting, protection, switching, automation and capacitor bank among others.

We have a highly qualified engineering team to find the best solution for your installation, designing projects according to your needs.

We can provide Indoor and Outdoor panel solutions and services to Industries (including Oil and Gas, Water treatment plants, Food and beverage, etc.) Commercial builds, Electric Power, Distribution system of power stations, Mining, Irrigation, Healthcare, HVAC systems, Offshore areas and others.

Motor Control Centers (LV MCCs)
Fixes or withdrawable Starters

Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (LV MCCs) are standardized modular units developed in accordance with IEC 61439-1, classified the assembly as fully type tested (TTA). Designed to maneuver and supply motors up to 550Hp, as well as feeder protection.

The starters are fixes or withdrawable type with coordination carried out by combining circuit breakers, contactors and intelligent digital and thermal relays.  Our LV MCCs can work as motor starts and controllers, distribution equipment, industrial communications and associated control into one single assembly in a cohesive package.



DOPPLER EQUIPAMENTOS started its activities in 1995, with over 25 years of expertise in electrical panels manufacturing, working on several projects in South America, Central America and Africa, always focused on export operations. 


Using advanced software and several engineering tools to design electromechanical projects, with strong technical force, always using the best global manufacturers components and metallurgical plants with IEC certificates, in compliance with the 62271-200 and 61439 IEC standards and others international standards, being able to be used in many countries in the world.


Always applying innovation and improvement, responsibly and maintaining the principle of quality and safety first, nowadays, Doppler enjoys a worldwide reputation for its superior quality and service.


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